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Topselling ski guides to USA, Canada and Europe
on bookstore shelves and on the Web

He doesn't ski particularly fast, he doesn't have the best form, his skis are more than 15 years old, and he only just gave up his white rear-entry boots because they fell apart, but Charlie Leocha is an international skiing expert.

Creator of, and author of the best-selling guides to both Europe and North America - Ski Europe and Ski America & Canada - Leocha is an expert on where to ski, not how. He has skied at almost every major ski area in the Northern Hemisphere and Europe. His Web sites and guidebooks tell it as he (and a staff of contributors) sees it, not how the resorts tell you it is.

A 50-year-old bachelor, Leocha skis extensively each year (research), has gone to the running of the bulls in Pamplona every year for the past 25 (great party), and speaks four languages fluently (grew up in Italy) yet lives life on a shoestring.

His view of skiing is overtaking the Internet as his own Web sites, and, grow and the top travel sites like Expedia ( feature his extensive ski "content."

"Every resort, whether here in the United States or Canada or in Europe, has its own quirks and specialties," says Leocha. "For over a decade, my books have been providing brutally honest, no-holds-barred reports on reality at ski areas." He smiles, "Now it is accessible to everyone on the Web as well."

In print and on the Web, learn if a resort is designed for families, or more geared for singles. If it's heaven for beginners, but boring for experts. Has great terrain, but no nightlife. Or even perfect all around, but a touch expensive - (don't worry, there are details on how to find the best deals).

Ski America & Canada is updated annually, and Ski Europe, now in its 13th edition, was completely updated for Winter 2002. A team of prize-winning ski and snowboard journalists joins Leocha in supplying all the details needed to help readers and Web surfers find the resort, well known or not, of their dreams.

These two guidebooks are the topselling pair of ski guidebooks in the U.S.A. and Ski America and Canada is the world’s best selling guide to skiing.

Whether skiers and snowboarders are only fantasizing about that trip to New England, Canada, the Rockies or the Alps, or actually making plans, these two guidebooks and the Web site answer all their questions and whet their appetite for a real on-snow adventure. Both the books and the Web sites provide the information that is needed to make intelligent choices (including updated pricing) and the phone numbers to make reservations and plans.

Skiing America costs $24.95 and Ski Europe is $21.95. Between the two, the books supply complete information on downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding at winter resorts throughout the world. They can be purchased through,, or by calling 1-(800) 444-2524.
Digital images of the book covers and the author are available from [email protected]
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WomenSki, why a woman can’t ski like a man — and shouldn’t.
A groundbreaking, prize-winning book that’s changing the women’s world of skiing.

WomenSki, by Claudia Carbone, helps women understand how they can ski better and enjoy skiing as a life-long activity more than ever before. Claudia brings into clear focus decades of struggle with instruction, technique and equipment faced by women in a male-dominated sport.
According to the author, "This book empowers women to embrace the sport of skiing and enjoy it, as much as their mates, sons, fathers, brothers and friends. Women need to be comfortable skiing their own way, without intimidation."
WomenSki was the 1995 winner of the Lowell Thomas Outstanding Achievement Award from Colorado Ski Country. In the judges’ words, "WomenSki is an unparalleled source of information and guidance for women skiers, instructors, and just about anyone who wants to know how women can get the most out of a wonderful sport."
WomenSki is part of the inspiration for the first National Women’s Ski Week taking place from January 15–21, 1996 with special programs, talks and seminars at Stowe, Winter Park and Mammoth Mountain.

Statistics show that more women are skiing than ever before,
but enjoying it less.
Though more and more women are learning to ski, fewer and fewer are staying in the sport. In fact, though women initially outnumber men on the slopes, they tend to stop skiing altogether within only two years. WomenSki discusses what has been happening between the time women first try skiing and the time they say "Enough!"
The ski industry has begun a quiet revolution which recognizes this reality—women are biomechanically different than men, they learn differently, and they enjoy skiing for different reasons. What many instructors have been preaching as "mistakes" for decades are variations in technique forced by physical factors and differences in how women approach and enjoy this outdoor sport. And, finally, the ski powers-that-be are admitting that equipment from skis and boots to parkas and wind pants should be designed and structured specifically for women.

Women need to take charge of their own skiing, the right way,
to get the most from the sport
Claudia Carbone has drawn together hundreds of interviews and questionnaires taken with women skiers and blended them with discussions with doctors, physiologists, bio-mechanical engineers, ski technicians, international ski racers and instructors from dozens of resorts. The bottom line is that women can dramatically improve their technique and enjoy skiing more with the right equipment, right exercise and right attitudes.
In an industry where change often occurs with the speed of a glacier, ski technicians, instructors and the ski media are already applauding WomenSki. It is having a profound effect on skiing.

About the Author
Claudia Carbone started skiing during the 50s, when only a handful of ski areas existed in her native Colorado. High school friends took her to the top of Winter Park and urged her to follow. She’s skied nearly every season since. Claudia writes a weekly ski column in Englewood and is published in numerous magazines and newspapers. She has received the North American Ski Journalists Association’s highest award and was named Freelancer of the Year by Colorado Ski Country USA.

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